October 24, 2012

New Phase :)

assalamualaikum all :)

i think this one is TRUE! 
Allah has make our life simple and we as human always make it complicated. 
This is because human never satisfied with what they have. They want big house, a bucket of diamond, a huge furniture, bodyguard to take a look on them, a beautiful wife, a charming husband and all that will look them as 'VVIP'.
we always forget that our life has been set up before we were born. already has been written in Luh Mahfuz. As HIS servant, we need to do the right way and left all the bad influence or habit.
I write this one for remind me that i still have a life hereafter. Sometimes, we need to motivate ourselves to ensure that we always give a chances to ourselves to be the better and excellent servant.
Let's change to be the better person, insya Allah. amin! :) 

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